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About us

At present the owners of high-rise buildings as well as many companies dealing with the maintenance, servicing, renewal and dismantling of such buildings meet many problems, connected with the difficult of access to the working place. The using of lifting mechanism is very expensive and not always effective. What is the alternative? The mobile group of industrial alpinists, having rather good experience in the various types of work at a height, is very glad to offer their services. The essential principle of our profession is the ability to work at sites where access is difficult, impossible or very expensive by other means than rope access. Our specialization is very wide. We execute various installations, construction and other types of work at a height. The using of appropriate equipment and a good experience is the guarantee of a safe system of work and of its high quality. The methods of work used by our qualified specialists are always very effective, qualitative and our cost is lower than the most others. All our workers are certified by IRATA- The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association